August 24, 2007

Fall is my favorite time of the year. Our sheep are enjoying the cooling weather, spending their days grazing the lush, green pastures and preparing for breading season. Here we are, school is back in session. For me, my projects are taking longer and longer to finish. I have 13 credit hours this semester. This alone is keeping me very busy. And don't forget, gratefully, our children have returned to school. These are the signs of the start of Fall. Enjoy these days while they last.

August 7, 2007

Practice rug and sock

This is a 'woven stitch' sock I'm currently working on for practice. I will also spin some of my shetland wool specifically for knitting socks.

My practice rug, it is only 29" dia. I will be creating rugs of all different sizes and shapes with my corser shetland wool.

I love to work with all the different grades of fiber my shetland sheep produce.

August 4, 2007

Sparrow, my wether.

Sparrow is only 6 months old. I just love his colors; I had to have him. He's Shetland and Cheviot cross. The chocolate color is so rich, I can't wait to shear him.

Isreal, my favorite Ram

I'm so excited to see how his horns grow out, they are looking so good. This pic. was just taken, he is 5 months old.

Sammie, The Great Pyrenees

This is our Great Pyrenees, Sammie, and a pic of his hair spun into a skien. The yarn is very soft.