January 5, 2008

Mohair / Shetland

I finished it! - I think it turned out very nice. I only have 3oz more of this combination.

Now I am blending a silver grey Shetland from one of our lambs and some kid mohair from our angora goat. The fibre on the left is the Mohair and the fibre on the right is the Shetland.

I am blending these fibres together with my hand carders at about a 60% Shetland to 40%mohair ratio. As you can see in the right photo, this is spinning out very smooth.
It's turning into a beautiful silver yarn - but still - I am tempted to dye this combo. I'd eventually like to knit or crochet it into a shall of some type. I've segregated out only 6oz of Shetland for this project, no worries on the amount of mohair-have plenty, so, I'll see how far I get. I may just have to increase the amount for this project. I guess I'll see how much yardage this gets me.
(if you double click on the left photo you can really see the difference in these fibers)