December 31, 2007

Winter Holiday Spinning

Here I go, this is 60% Shetland, 40% Mohair. It runs through my fingers like butter - I love spinning.

I've been quite busy this winter break: These 2 skiens i spun this week are from my shetlands. they turned out better that I had hoped. I'm just going to keep spinning and spinning until classes start back up on Jan. 14th. I hope I complete the shetland/mohair fleece i'm working on.

Have a wonderful holiday - and a Happy New Year :)

Fingerless Mit

This is my first attempt at a Fingerless Mitt. I think I did a decent job. You would never guess that I spun this yarn from my dog Sammie, a Great Pyrenees. - This mit is very soft and fluffy, just like Sammie.

Quiet Morning

As the moon sets in the west, all is quiet on the farm.

December 12, 2007


Hitching Post
Smoke and Medichi

We've had a few rough days. The animals are hanging in there.