March 15, 2012

Post Winter Update

Koda's training is going well. . . well. . . he's quite a handful! I will have pictures and videos soon.
He is turning 4 this July 11th.

Mac is about to begin his 'retraining' after a winter of vacation!

The dogs are doing great! Duke has gained quite a bit of weight, so we will be keeping our eyes on his food intake. Tess is maintaining her figure like a lady should :)

Our kitty (new addition this winter) Schrodinger, is adjusting well to the home. He is such a loving kitty!

The landscaping around the farm is quite sad looking. I am excited for spring and the green and colors to begin peaking out into the fresh world.

Enjoy the next week of 'odd' March weather: an entire week of 60 - 80 degree weather.

It will be an interesting day when we get freezing and snow once again before June. . . . It's almost inevitable.

Till next time, keep the smile on your face and the optimism in your heart :)