November 21, 2010

Poco, We love you.

Poco will be missed and never forgotten.

September 28, 2010

Raw Fleece

Pic 7: white, 1.85#, 5" staple, single coated, $17

Pic 6: white, 2.22#, 8.5" staple, dual coated, $20

Pic 5: red/grey, 1.85#, 6.5 staple, $12

Pic 4: red/brown, 3.26#, Primo soft, 7.5", $40

Pic 3: grey, 2.78#, 7.5"staple, $15

Pic 2: white, 3.65#, 5" single coated, $35

Pic 1: grey/white, 3#, 7"staple length; $25

August 8, 2010


Congrats Gwendolyn!!!

This precious ram lamb will MAKE your breeding program!!!
White Ilget (small black spots on ears)

Single coated, soft , dense and wavy crimped, very fine fleece (just like dad)!
He has excellent confirmation, very correct! He as a wonderfully fluke shaped, short tail. His horns are well apart and are growing perfectly (just like dad)!

Jackfrost will truly be a replica of his father, Israel. Calm temperament and all!

Dam: Springview Gem NASSA #S25160
Sire: Gwendelynns Israel NASSA #S24276


Daedra is a 2008 ewe. NASSA #S27963 Scrapie Tag# IL48434F016
She is a light Grey Sokket. She was born and raised a twin.

She is a wonderful mother, easy breeder and lamber.
Beautiful black face and legs, dense, long fleece.

Her confirmation is very correct: Well sprung ribs and hind; Dense, wavy, and slightly coarse fleece (excellent for outerwear, rugs, and felters).
She will make an excellent addition to any breeding program.

Her offspring have been productive and with beautiful wool.

Offspring Record:
2009: Ewe, Black
2010: Ewe, Silver (white/black)

August 7, 2010

Sold: Gwendelynns Felicity

Felicity is a very sweet ewe. She is the first one to meet you at the gate to get a scratch!
She is a wonderful mother, easy breeder and easy lambing.

NASSA #S24277 Born 2007

Her fleece is dense and slightly coarse - very nice for rugs!
It has an interesting variegation of colors in the fleece.

Her offspring have been absolutely beautiful and diverse in colors!

Offspring record:
2008: Ewe, Dark Brown, Krunet
2009: Twins; Ewe, White with brown spots ; Ewe, Black
2010: Ram, Black/White Blaget


Cordelia is a white ewe with black specs on her ears.
She was born April 28, 2008

She is a great mother with beautiful offspring
Easy breeder, easy lambing

Her fleece is dense, very nicely crimped, and fine (very soft)

Dam: Springview Star NASSA #S25158
Sire: Gwendelynns Israel NASSA #S24276

Offspring record:
2009: Ewe
2010: Ram


This beautiful ewe lamb is a White Ilget (brown) She is white with a few light brown spots on her ears and she has one light brown leg! She is the cutest little thing!

Her fleece is very dense and wonderfully fine (very soft).
Her confirmation is WONDERFUL!!! With the perfect fluke shaped short tail!
Dam: Springview Tar-Meena NASSA #S27967
SIRE: Gwendelynns Israel NASSA #S24276

She will make a beautiful addition to any breeding program!


Togepi is a wonderful mother and has a fleece suited for the perfect rugs and natural colors!
NASSA register # S17715

Her fleece is long (over 4"), straight, dense, and slightly coarse (great for rugs)
Her tail is fluke shaped and under 5"

She produces some of the most beautiful lambs: ALL of her offspring has been Black and some Bersugget!
Offspring Record
2006: Twins; Ewe, Ewe
2008: Ram
2009: Ram
2010: Twins; Ram, Ewe


The cutest little fiber pet! And the softest fleece!

He has a very nice dense, wavy, soft black fleece.

(Farm tag 41)


NASSA Registration # S27966

She is a white ewe, birthdate May, 2008
She is a very protective and wonderful mother.
Easy breeder, easy lambing.

Her fleece is very dense and nicely crimped. When washed the fleece is like snow!

Offspring record:
2009: Ewe
2010: Ram


This fleece will make any flock owner proud!

This beautiful wether is, of course, a fiber pet only. He was born on June 1, 2010.
His markings are classified as Blaget in the NASSA registry.

His fleece is very dense, fine (very soft), and wavy. His tail is short a fluke shaped.

Dam: Gwendelynns Felicity NASSA # S24276
Sire: Springview Bandit NASSA # S27968
(Farm tag #36)


Midnight is a 2006 ewe. She is strictly a fiber pet (Not to be bred) due to a c-section in the spring of 2010.
She is very quiet and has a beautiful black Iset fleece.


Gem is a 2006 ewe. NASSA registration # S25160
She is a beautiful Grey, sokket
Her fleece is wavy and fine.

Offspring record:
2008: Twins: Ram, Ewe
2009: Triplets: Ram, Ram, Ewe
2010: Twins: Ram, Ewe

July 8, 2010

Mac's Progress

This is at the Shenandoa/Galena Rodeo, parking cars and security.

This is the 4th of July parade in Galena, IL.
I think Mac is enjoying his new job!

I don't think I can be happier at this time with Mac's progress! He is cool and collected only after 2 months! I plan on taking him on the trail for the first time this weekend! I am very excited. And my son will be riding Medichi and for his first trail ride! I can't wait!

July 2, 2010


Mac is doing so great! I am so happy :)

June 6, 2010


Nala did not have quads this year. The anticipation was intense!
She had these beautiful twins, the b/w is a ewe and the black is a ram. Israel is the sire.


Beautiful Ewe Lamb!

June 2, 2010


Ram Lamb

May 30, 2010


He is doing great! His 'refining and finishing' is coming along swiftly. He is willing and definitely able, and will be a great Mounted Patrol horse when we are done with him.

May 28, 2010

Desdemona's ewe lamb

Desdemona had a beautiful ewe lamb this morning :)

May 26, 2010

Lamb Update

Togepi's premi is gaining strength and is doing wonderfully!!! Arnora's little ram lamb is very strong and ready for playtime. Gem's twins are the largest twins I think we have had. They are jumping for joy and rearing to go!
No other lambs have come into the world yet - we still have 8 more ewes to go!

Star, update

We lost Star last night. After over a week of hand feeding, watering, c-section. . and still feeding and watering by hand, she still refused to eat or drink on her own.
We did everything one could possibly do.

May 24, 2010

Star, update

Star is not doing very well. She will not eat or drink anything. I am still having to feed and water her via a feeding syringe. I don't know what more I can do? I'm just hopeful what I am doing will be enough and she'll begin eating and drinking on her own.

May 22, 2010


Gem had a beautiful set of twins this morning, Black ewe lamb, and a White ram lamb. Both are very healthy and very strong. (quite large as well). They are sired by 'Israel'

May 21, 2010

Arnora's Lamb

This is Arnora's ram lamb :) isn't he cute :)
The sire is 'Springview Bandit'


Arnora had a beautiful Ram Lamb this morning - unfortunately the 'add photo' on blogspot is not functioning properly this morning - I will add photos as soon as it allows me.

May 20, 2010


We had to perform an emergency c-section. We lost the lamb, but mom is doing fine.

May 19, 2010

Pregnancy Toxemia - The miracle Mom: Togepi

Togepi and Star came down with severe symptoms of Pregnancy Toxemia sometime before 6am last Sunday. I called the vet and we followed protocol hoping for the best. We induced labor in both at around 9am (results in approx. 36-48hours IF due) By sunday evening, the vet came out again and IV'd Togepi. I had to stay with her throughout the night preventing her from moving. The vet was straight forward telling me not to expect her to ever get up again. We just were working on keeping her alive long enough to have her lambs. We did not want to perform a c-section just yet. She was not due for another 7 days.
Star was responding slightly better than Togepi, but I think they were just taking turns (I am only one person).
On my 3rd evening, after feeding her manually with a syringe (alfalfa mash), and days of Sub-Q injections and oral polypropylene glycol, and calcium. . . around 11:39pm May 18th, she presented a lambs head and 2 tiny little hooves.
The vet was called because she was too weak to push and I was not sure how many lambs she was carrying. He pulled the lamb ram out and reached in a grabbed the ewe lamb. The ewe lamb was very strong and quick to get up to nurse. The ram lamb was weakened by presenting for some time before being extracted. After much rubbing and moving and momma licking, he finally began to respond positively. I left mom to do the job she is so good at doing. The lambs progressed throughout the night and by morning they were getting up to nurse regularly. I am still feeding mom and administering her meds, but she is so focused on her lambs it makes my job much easier!
Here's one positive result from a negative prognosis of Pregnancy Toxemia!

Star is still in our prayers and when she lambs, you will be the third to know (Star first, me second, you third :))

May 2, 2010


Mac, Koda, Medichi - such a perfect, happy family :)

April 29, 2010

Fiber stash and Spring weather

Well, the weather is not exactly cooperating with riding lately. High winds, scattered rains. . . Welcome to the real spring.
I have been preparing the wool roving to be placed onto Etsy in order for you lovely people to fill your fiber stash. Keep an eye out - It will be available in no time. I am just weighing out the final available fleece totals!!! Keep checking back!

The Ewes are doing well - looking very chunky with their baby's kicking to come into the world. They are expected to lamb in two weeks! I will be posting pictures as the come. :)
It's going to be a beautiful summer and I look forward to all of your comments!

April 21, 2010

Riding Season is upon us!

Medichi is doing great at Lake Le-Aqua-Na.
I'm excited to be starting Max (new horse) next month! But for now, Medichi gets all the riding :)

April 5, 2010

Bookcase is complete!

We had a friend install a custom bookcase along the staircase. It was pine and very light in color. My husband and I conditioned the wood, stained with Golden Mahogany, and coated it with polyurethane. It's gorgeous!! I love it! Now all I have to do is load it with our books and enjoy!

Before After:

April 4, 2010

Newest Addition to the Family :)

You remember Medichi: You remember MiKoda:(yes he's getting big)

Now, Please welcome Full Moon Over Texas to our Family :)

Thank you so Much Susan and John - He is Wonderful :) I can't wait to start playing with him!

Poco is Growing!

I think he's as big as he's going to get, but his mind is still learning! He loves to help with the sheep and at times he thinks he has to help with the horses, but he learned the horses just ignore him now. - That's no fun, so onto playing with his cats!

Spring Has Sprung

Here we go with our first spring in our new home! My PussyWillow showed buds last week and now they have sprung! It's one of the most beautiful sights I've seen so far this year. I'm getting more and more excited for the fresh new spring and summer with every bud that is budding and every animal that is shedding!

March 25, 2010


Ok, so I've been knitting again. I want to practice various stitches so I've recently discovered knitted dishcloths! Thank you Argyle knitting group :) I have made 2 already and have 2 in the works. I have discovered I'm not a fan of bobbles just yet, as you can see from my partially knit sheep dishcloth!I am getting to the point were I think I am ready to expand my challenge. I have found a beautiful pattern for a lattice and basket-weave throw! Yes, I'm that ambitious :) I am just hoping to find the perfect shade of light chocolate or dark beige to make it out of. I think that is half the battle, aside from the proper yarn weight, of course.