June 25, 2007

Carding Day and Spining

I love my new hand carders. They are adding so much luster to my wool. My new Lendrum spinning wheel is so easy to use. I finished my first skein with my new wheel, it has turned out so beautiful. This wool was from one of my older ewes named Togepi. Her fleece, among others of all colors will be available for purchase in the Spring of 2008. I do have a few fleeces available now, I will be posting them very soon.


  1. Hey how about trying to meet and spin at the midwest fiber and folk. Please remember gwm is mine next spring. Once the feeding frenzy starts it might be hard to hold onto. How about joining a web ring like the spinning wheel? it will make your blog more available to the spinners of the world so the feeding frenzy can get into high gear.

  2. Hey there - I'll be at Midwest fiber and folk too. Don't forget me.

    Also don't forget the yahoo group Spin Sales. Great place to advertise fleeces.