May 12, 2008

Spring 2008

Lambing is through, now we just watch the little ones grow and grow.
How the time flew by. . .
Now we focus on their safety through the summer.

All TEN lambs are doing great!!!
(only one had to be bottle fed - ewe lamb from the quadruplets - understandably so)

We ended up with 5 rams and 5 ewes.
4 of the rams will be up for sale around August - October.
Keep and eye on our blog for those updates.

I am preparing to process the fleeces from this spring - they are gorgeous!!!
I will be selling much of the roving right here on the blog - you can always e-mail me to see what we have available:

It's been a great spring - I'll be processing fleece for a while now. . .
Until next time!!!!! I will be posting our progress throughout the summer!!!

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