March 26, 2009


Lambs, Lambs, everywhere Lambs!!! We have brown ones, black ones, white ones, black and white ones, and whites with little brown splashes! What to do with them all ???

I've been quite busy lately so I must catch up with my lamb posts. Here they are.
Many lambs will be available this year as fiber pets - feel free to email me anytime for a listing. We will also be offering small starter flocks for those wanting to join the joy of raising Shetland Sheep.
These are Felicity's twin ewe lambs, born 3/25/09.

Here we have Stary and her single ewe lamb, born 3/25/09.

This precious little one is Cordelia's ewe lamb, born 3/22/09.

This little one is Arnora's single ewe lamb, born 3/17/09.

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