May 19, 2010

Pregnancy Toxemia - The miracle Mom: Togepi

Togepi and Star came down with severe symptoms of Pregnancy Toxemia sometime before 6am last Sunday. I called the vet and we followed protocol hoping for the best. We induced labor in both at around 9am (results in approx. 36-48hours IF due) By sunday evening, the vet came out again and IV'd Togepi. I had to stay with her throughout the night preventing her from moving. The vet was straight forward telling me not to expect her to ever get up again. We just were working on keeping her alive long enough to have her lambs. We did not want to perform a c-section just yet. She was not due for another 7 days.
Star was responding slightly better than Togepi, but I think they were just taking turns (I am only one person).
On my 3rd evening, after feeding her manually with a syringe (alfalfa mash), and days of Sub-Q injections and oral polypropylene glycol, and calcium. . . around 11:39pm May 18th, she presented a lambs head and 2 tiny little hooves.
The vet was called because she was too weak to push and I was not sure how many lambs she was carrying. He pulled the lamb ram out and reached in a grabbed the ewe lamb. The ewe lamb was very strong and quick to get up to nurse. The ram lamb was weakened by presenting for some time before being extracted. After much rubbing and moving and momma licking, he finally began to respond positively. I left mom to do the job she is so good at doing. The lambs progressed throughout the night and by morning they were getting up to nurse regularly. I am still feeding mom and administering her meds, but she is so focused on her lambs it makes my job much easier!
Here's one positive result from a negative prognosis of Pregnancy Toxemia!

Star is still in our prayers and when she lambs, you will be the third to know (Star first, me second, you third :))

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  1. I don't think I could do what you do so I'm glad that you have the care, compassion and ability you have to take care of these beautiful animals!
    ~Vanessa W.