September 28, 2010

Raw Fleece

Pic 7: white, 1.85#, 5" staple, single coated, $17

Pic 6: white, 2.22#, 8.5" staple, dual coated, $20

Pic 5: red/grey, 1.85#, 6.5 staple, $12

Pic 4: red/brown, 3.26#, Primo soft, 7.5", $40

Pic 3: grey, 2.78#, 7.5"staple, $15

Pic 2: white, 3.65#, 5" single coated, $35

Pic 1: grey/white, 3#, 7"staple length; $25

1 comment:

  1. This is a very cool blog. I was just searching for people who might like to follow my year long painting challenge and I found you! I am a spinner in Virginia. Although its my hobby and not my vocation. Im always looking for wool sources. Im currently working with three fleeces that are roving but I hope to keep yours close at had for when you have some available. Do check out my Mustang a Day Challenge as well. Feel free to follow me. Blessings ~Linda