May 31, 2011

Summer Break and Knitting

Here we are again. The fall, winter, and spring semesters are gone. . . and summer semester begins next week. We have time this summer to enjoy the farm and share some experiences with our followers.
I have begun a new sweater, just in time for summer. I figure it will be perfect for this next fall. It has knitted up quite fast!


  1. Way cool Joey!!! When will we see you again at knitting? hmmmmm.
    Did you sell your sheep?

  2. Well - i'm sure you will see me before this sweater is done. I have a feeling I will get stuck before I put it all together :)
    And no, I still have 6 girls and 3ewe lambs, 1 ram lamb left. I will be taking pics later today to put on Craigslist :) It's great to hear from you!

  3. amazing post.. you just refreshed my childhood memories when my mom used to knit...keep it up.....