August 28, 2011

Wonderful Horsey Weekend!!!

Mac was brilliant these past four days. He is calming and leading the trails. He is becoming quite confident and sure footed! I am so proud of my big boy! I think he really enjoys solo rides so he can chase turkeys and deer and keep all the apples to himself :)
The bugs were virtually nonexistent at Lake Le-Aqua-Na this week and the weather was perfect! We could not believe the crowds Friday night through Sunday afternoon. Horse trailers and campers were practically parked on top of each other. Mac acted like a champ! He had this, "been there done that' attitude most of the time. And of course he had never; this was the most number of horses, kids on bikes, dogs running lose (so unsafe), and noise I think we have been riding around for fun thus far. HE WAS PERFECT!!!! BEST HORSE EVER!!! :) Just goes to show you what a lot of work and time result in :).


  1. Like your horses but I really love those Shetlands. I used to raise Coopworths. My spinning wheel still waits patiently for me to decide to come back to it.

  2. You have beautiful horse Joey Stott!