August 30, 2013

Up to Speed. . .

I apologize for not updating more often. We have been quite busy with the farm and work, etc. . .


Our farm is still up for sale - we are hoping to be sold before the snow hits the ground for numerous reasons - one being I have yet to acquire hay for the horses!  I am looking for hay just in case. So if anyone has some cheep grassy hay please let me know.


The kids are doing great. Jon will be returning from his internship and returning to classes in about a week. Michael is still at the Air force Base working his behind off. And Kaila may be starting college down there in Alabama this fall. So, all-in-all, the family is healthy and thriving.

Job Hunts:

Philip and I are doing great, we are taking this transition one day at a time. . . kinda. . . (lol).

Still no word on where we are relocating to, but god willing we will know soon enough.

The path of job hunting and interviewing have been taxing on both of us because they are spread throughout the US.

We are hanging on for the ride!

We will keep posting on this journey.

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