January 3, 2013

Saying Farewell to 2012

Well, It has been quite some time since I had a few moments to post. . . so here it goes:
2012 Was a GOOD year!

I graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree this past December.
My eldest daughter is doing well in the south.
My eldest son is doing great at Northwestern University (he's just finishing up his 2nd year).
My youngest son has graduated from tech school in the United States Air Force and has just received his first station - he will be leaving for England within the month.
My husband continues to be the glue and support for all in the family.

Our horses are doing great, unfortunately they are hibernating at the moment awaiting warmer weather so we can play.

The dogs are healthy and doing well. They have taken to the barn life quite well.

2012 will remain an important year for many of us - but now, we must Carry On and Make 2013 even BETTER!!!!!!

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