January 29, 2013

Snippit Bag and Wallet

Well, today has been quite productive. Aside from an interview this afternoon, I have finished my Snippit Bag and made a wallet.
I purchased this Snippit Bag kit in Galena a few years ago (ok, many years ago) while on an outing with my mother-in-law. She made hers up straight away - I did not. I came across the kit while organizing/cleaning and thought, "Why not, I'm embroidering and have snips of scrap Everywhere!"
When I get my hand on some sand the small bag on the table will be filled (acting as a counter-weight for the bag) and function as a needle cushion. The bag portion is to keep my scraps and strings out of my couch, off the floor, and off the table!      Brilliant!
 I found this beautiful Horse fabric at  Uniquely Yours Quilt Shop in Orangeville, IL last week - I just had to make something. . or a few things. This little wallet is perfect. (I'm working on a purse to match)
The piecing was super easy, quick and fun.

On my next one I will discover a better way to deal with the outside edges. I may use quilt binding but I fear the edges would turn out too bulky. Trial and Error - that is the name of the game.

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